my basic beliefs

“How I live my life”

When Debra Davis came out
as a transgender high school librarian
she lived by a few basic beliefs
that helped her through the hard times.


I believe in the good in people -

Everyone has good in them and I enjoy each and every person I meet.

No one can cause me to hate -
Many people hate me, for the fact that I am a very public and successful transgender educator and person. They show this by the words they say on their radio and television stations, by the words they write in their papers and newsletters and by how they treat me in public. No matter how much they hate me, they will NOT cause me to hate them in return. - They do not know me. They refuse to get to know me as a person. My hope is that some day, those who hate will learn to love and accept the diversity among people and make the world a better place for all people.

Our youth are our future -
Every time we have a positive effect on a child or young person, the legacy and spirit of who we are and what we stand for lives on.

I am an optimist -
I try to live and enjoy each and every day to the fullest and look forward to tomorrow and what it will bring. Could it be a bad day? Of course, but then there will be another day to look forward to.

I believe in the power of self-esteem -
That if everyone felt good about them self and who they are, it could help solve many of the social problems of today.

I know that I am OK!
I am a good person and try to live my life with honesty and integrity.

We all have a destiny -
I believe that we are here for a reason, or some purpose. Now, I have no idea what that might be, except that there must be a reason, and maybe someday we will know what that is.

There is a Supreme Being -
that is greater than all of us   -   who is a kind, caring and loving Person who made us who we are. And this Person created me as a transgender person, and gave me the self esteem to accept and love myself as who i am.

And when I get to Heaven, I believe the Person waiting there to judge me, will be a caring and compassionate woman. (There is also a good chance that She will be woman of color and a lesbian .)

And She will judge me, not only by what I have done - but by what I have left undone.

And I believe in the "Power of One" -   
Each and every one of us has the power to change the world. By our words, by our actions and by how we live our lives and treat other people. And we can make it a better place, more loving and accepting of the diversity in people, for our grandchildren and their childrens' children.

-    debra davis


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