Differently Gendered People

Clarifying the Diversity



Definitions of different kinds of people, who may identify as differently gendered or (transgender).



a broad term used to encompass all manifestations of crossing gender barriers. It includes all who crossdress or otherwise transgress gender norms, and all others who wish to belong. The   Minnesota Human Rights Act

includes transgender people and defines them as:   “having or being perceived as having a self-image or identity not traditionally associated with one’s biological maleness or femaleness.”


the preferred term for one who enjoys dressing as their opposite sex; a part-time activity which can involve a degree of exploration into gender identity.


the original term for "cross-dresser", which has acquired a connotation of fetishism and perversion.

Bi gender / Dual gender:

a person who possesses and expresses a distinctly masculine persona and a distinctly feminine persona. Is comfortable in and enjoys presenting in both gender roles.

Transgenderist (cross living):

a term used specifically to describe a person who expresses a gender contrary to the normal expectation of their anatomy-most or all of the time-but feels no need for Gender Reassignment Surgery.

F to M or M to F:

abbreviations used to describe female to male or male to female transgender people.

Pre-op Transsexual:

one who feels their anatomy should be altered to correspond with their dominant gender; may live full-time in their dominant gender, but hasn't yet had Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) - or may never be able due to health or financial problems.

Post-op Transsexual:

one who has had GRS and lives full-time, often preferring to drop the label since it refers primarily to their transition.

Two spirited (Berdache):

term used by most anthropologists for transgendered Native-American Shamans, whose traditions varied between tribes.

Female or male Impersonator:

persons who crossdress as a performing art and/or as stage personalities. They may also consider themselves “drag performers”and may or may not consider themselves to be transgender.

Drag Queen/King:

a man or woman dressed as the opposite gender, many times overdone or outrageous and may present a “stereotyped image.” Often lesbian or gay.


a profound blend of gender which blurs the distinction between masculine and feminine.

The Third Sex:

generally a term applied to transgender people who express a "gender alternative" to traditional masculine or feminine roles.

Gender Blending:

dressing in such a way as to question the traditional feminine or masculine qualities assigned to articles of clothing or adornment. Gender bending may be a part of ‘fashion’, or possibly a ‘political’ Statement.

Intersexed (Hermaphrodite):

one who is born with ambiguous anatomical features or features of both male and female.


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