Self Introspective Analysis


(could you go there?)

          The Gender Education Center presents many workshops on transgender issues to a variety of audiences. One of the pieces used in some of these presentations is called "self introspective." It is a series of questions to ask yourself about your attitudes and feelings. It is meant to open up discussion and make people aware of their biases and feelings about gender issues. Take time to think about and answer each question for yourself . . . . How you really feel? . . . . Why do you feel that way? . . . .


Assume you are single and not in a relationship:


Why is it you probably would not think of dating this person?

Think about the things that might stop you from considering this relationship. What are they?

List: 1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________

How did you happen to have these values or bias?

Does society norms or peer pressure have anything to do with your feelings?

If you dated a transgender person - could you:

What other things might be difficult with this kind of relationship?


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